Monday, 20 April 2015

Another Mystery!!!!!!!!

Once again we had a mystery day at our Patchwork Group.  We had to bring 16  4x4 inch squares made up of 2 pieces of 8 different fabrics.
It makes it a bit difficult to pick fabric when you don't know what you are making.
I guess that is why it is a mystery.


Monday, 6 April 2015

Pretty Placemats.......................

Each year our Patchwork Group exchanges a gift at Christmas.  This year we are exchanging placemats.  I decided to get in early and make mine.  This is an awesome design from Sweet Pea Embroidery Designs,   It was actually for a cushion but I thought it would make a wonderful placemat. Now to wrap them and put them away until Christmas.......


Monday, 30 March 2015

Easter Basket..................

An Easter Basket for Cooper.  I bought some baskets in a group buy and wasn't sure of what I would get.  They  are a lot bigger than I thought, Cooper is going to get a lot of Eggs in this Basket....   I don't know why I thought that they would be cotton but they are a plastic type of material with a sort of nylon lining... I was happy with what I got.     I just put in in the hoop with tearaway and hoped for the best.   I had no problems at all.    I thought that the plastic might tear but it didn't.   I still have a couple more left and as the other boys are too big for Easter Baskets I will keep them for when I need to give a gift.   I can fill them with whatever is needed at the time........
                                                  HAVE A HAPPY AND SAFE EASTER



Thursday, 26 March 2015

Easter T Shirt

A great design for a boy, I am now finding that there are a lot of designs for older boys and loved this one as soon as I saw it.    It stitched out beautifully but I had a bit of a problem with the hoop on my machine.  I hope I have it sorted now, The design came from So Cute Applique.  You will find lots of  great designs there.   I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Easter.......... I am looking forward to visiting my grandkids after Easter..........


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Decoupage Fabric Photo Frame.........

I wanted to try something a bit different the other day so I decided to revamp an old photo frame. I used fabric and craft glue. I was really happy with the way it turned out for my first attempt.....


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Fridge Towels..........

Some more fridge towels for the Markets......I love that little tie at the top.  All machine embroidered.....   Designs where just picked random so not sure where they came from. The Pattern for the hand towel is from She Can She Blog.


Sunday, 8 February 2015

Embroidery Machine Cover..........

Finally I have finished putting the hexagons together and now I have a beautiful cover for my Embroidery Machine.  I had no pattern it was just pin .  put on machine and cut till I got the shape that I liked.  I put a frill around the bottom  and an In the Hoop Rose from Bobbins for Applique, just to pretty it up.  I made the leaves freehand on my sewing machine. I had one small piece left so I decided to put it on the back, and it is just big enough to hold the cord.  I had to use every single bit of the hexagons after spending so much time putting them together.


Sunday, 1 February 2015


After spending months making hexagons I have finally put then together.  I was going to make two large cushions for my swing chair on the veranda, but after seeing how quickly the other cushions faded I decided that after all that work I would make something that would last  a bit longer.
I decided to make a cover for my Embroidery Machine.


This is the all over stippling design I got from Susa Glenn Designs. I also bought myself  a Monster Hoop which has made the hooping a lot easier. I am in the process of putting the Machine Cover together.  I love the idea of In the Hoop quilting, all the stitches are so even, I could never do this freehand.



Days till Christmas!!!