Monday, 27 January 2014

Using Texture Magic !!!!!!

This photo does not do the bag any justice at all.   The flowers are all crinkly and gorgeous, They where done In the Hoop on my Embroidery machine.  I bought the pattern from Embroiderygarden. a while ago and have been dying to try it.   It is layered in the hoop starting from the bottom, the backing, then wadding and then you add the texture magic and then you put whatever you want for the top.  Stitch the flower out and cut around the flower leaving a couple of mm from the stitching, and then with the iron set to steam, hold the iron over the flower and watch the flower curl up.   Magic.   You could make the flowers freehand if you wanted so you really don't need an embroidery machine,  For the centre of the flower I added some tiny black beads to some  glossy accents ( from scrapbooking) and mixed them together making a small raised centre.  It was lovely and shinny and looked great with the colour of the flower.  The bag got a lot of compliments.


Saturday, 18 January 2014

More Christmas Embroidery..........

I loved the way this runner turned out. I made it for a gift for my friend Kay. I bought the runner and added the candle embroidery on each end.  I used heat and gone for the stabilizer on the back as well as a topping. It worked perfectly  and  the back looked as good as the front with no messy stabilizer left behind.  Not sure where this design came from but it has only a couple of jump stitches.  Love that about a design too.


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Some Christmas Embroidery..........

My grandson Thomas loved this T-Shirt as his big brother is always fighting with him. I used an iron on cutaway on the back of the design and heat and gone for the topping.  It is a great design and stitched out beautifully. I love that topping all you have to do is tear off what you can and then go over it with a hot iron and it disappears like magic.


Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year ...................

I can't believe that it has been 2 months since I did my last Blog.I hope everyone had a great Christmas. 
  Just a bit of catch up info.  I had my cataract operation and  I can see without glasses which is a bonus.  I have not felt 100% since the operation and I am not sure why.  I go back for another checkup at the end of January so I might get some answers then.   It is very strange without glasses, maybe I don't feel complete without them.  I also have to have more tests in March to see if the Glaucoma has been fixed..
Straight after my operation I had to cover for someone that went on holidays, so I guess that didn't help too much.  I really had to force myself to get ready for Christmas.  I put up the Christmas lights and made some things for Christmas presents. I have taken photos so I will have plenty to Blog about.
It has been so hot here, like everywhere else in Australia at the moment.  I have just finished watering my plants at 9 o'clock at night. Everything is just shriveling up and dying, but we do have water so that is a blessing.  So Many towns are running out of water..
I wish you all a Wonderful 2014