Saturday, 22 February 2014

Owl Backpack ........

I had bought this pattern from Embrotique, The Sewing Loft a while ago.   As my youngest grandson is now five I thought  that if I didn't make it now, he would be too old for it.....       Anyway I dug out some fabric out of my stash and this is what I ended up with.   I have a bit less fabric now........  I am always trying to think of things to make without having to buy more fabric so I can get my stash down a bit..   I loved the way it turned out and it wasn't hard to make. It will be in the post soon as a little surprise for him.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Something New ..........from Something Old.

 Cleaning out my linen cupboard the other day, trying to make room for more craft things, I came across a lot of crochet doilies and a  cream table runner that I didn't like.  I wasn't going to be putting them back so I spread them out on the spare bed.   They sat there for a few days and then I stared to arrange the doilies on top of the table runner.  I left it there for a bit longer and every time I went passed the room  I went in and changed the position of the doilies until I was happy with it.   I pinned the doilies into place and stitched them on with the sewing machine.  I now have a new runner that I really love with a lot of memories.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Cushion for Nathan ........ Using Multi Hoop

I wanted to make something for my grandson Nathan.  He plays football and was named Footballer of the Year..    This embroidery design is 10" x 10".  Now as I only have a machine that  has a 5 " x 7" embroidery field, it took a little bit of working out with exact hooping.   It does look a bit crooked but that is just the photo. This design is made up of 2 designs 5" x 10".   I split the first design and ended up with 2 designs 5" x 5". After I embroidered the first design I split the second design and this time the hooping had to be perfect to line up with the first  design.  This was the first time I had split a design using Sew What Pro and I was so excited with the way it turned out.  Krissy Helvey from Embroidery Sayings and Phrases will make any  subway art for you.  You can join her site through facebook.


Sunday, 2 February 2014

Cupcake Potholders !!!!

For our Christmas Breakup this year we swapped potholders.   I decided to try something different and make some cupcake ones. They turned out really beautiful. Not sure where the pattern came from but I just used google and typed in pattern for cupcake potholder.  The pattern was a free one which is always great.
I am going to make some for myself.  They looked so cute and are really quick and  easy to make.