Friday, 25 October 2013

Something Blue.......

I had one bag left so my youngest grandson Cooper was happy to get this one. This subway art is soooo cool, I love it.  I have got plans to do a few more of this type work of course time permitting. Krissy has all sorts of different designs, and she will do what ever you want. Great for birth announcements.


My Glaucoma Journey

Last week I had to go to Rockhampton for measurements for bifocal lenses when I have cataract surgery. This was about a 2 hour session.  Lots of different drops in my eyes and looking through all different sorts of  machines all attached to computers printing out information.  How wonderful and lucky are we to have all these medical procedures available to us.  As I was sitting there waiting for a reaction from the eye drops, I started to think about what might be available in 50 years time.  The mind boggles. Maybe no one will have to wear glasses, who knows........ Until we need to use these things we don't know what is available.
The pressure in my eyes is still a bit high but that should be all fixed with the cataract surgery.  On the 5th and 6th of November I will  be having my surgery. I am taking fish oil tablets and using eye drops 4 times a day.  This will continue for 3 months after the surgery.  I am getting a bit impatient  as I just want it all over and done with.  Rember everyone PLEASE GET YOUR EYES CHECKED.


Saturday, 19 October 2013

Something Pink ...........

Having a bit of a clean out the other day I came across these little bags so I decided to embroider something for my friend, Desley's  three granddaughters. I love doing something pink for a change.  When I needed to go to Rockhampton for lazer treatment for my eyes, Desley offered to take me without hesitation.  I am lucky to have such a good friend. I have been following Krissy Helvy Embroidery Sayings & Phrases on Facebook and really love her subway art..   If you are on facebook just type in the above and the page will come up.  Only $3.00 per design and they stitch out beautifully.  Haylee, Georgia and Jacie thought the bags were just great.


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Applique Towels........

I love the ways these towels turned out.   I always embroider towels for my friend who looks after my cat and garden while we are away on holidays.  Each year she gets towels for the girls birthdays.  I like to do something a bit different but I am running out of ideas. The numbers were done with applique, and  I used heat and bond lite so that the applique material stayed nice and firm.   The flowers and name were done on the embroidery machine.The design came from an Etsy Store.  I also used my multi-positional hoop for the name Georgia which made it so much easier by not having to rehoop the towel.


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Please Get Your EYES Checked!!!!!

Please everyone get your eyes checked. I had been away on holidays and when we came back I couldn't get interested in craft work or sit at the computer for long. I had a slight ache behind my eye but just put it down to eye strain, so I did less and less with my eyes. I went and had my eyes checked and discovered I had acute glaucoma. I never ever thought that I would have glaucoma. I quick trip to the specialist and I was having lazer treatment the next morning for a temporary fix.. He said that I could go blind at any time. Very very scary. I also have cataracts and they will be removed in a month and the glaucoma will also be fixed. At the moment my vision is not 100% but I am so lucky to find it before I went blind. The good news is that after the surgery,all going to plan, I should not have to wear glasses. I am having bifocal lenses put in my eyes. PLEAE GET YOUR EYES CHECKED.