Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Land of the Dinosaur !!!!!

We spent a night at Hughenden, out west from Townsville on our way to Winton. This is the land of the great Dinosaur.  We have been at Winton for 2 days at the Outback Festival.   Today we will visit another Dinosaur site at Lake Quarry Conservation Park. It is the worlds only recorded evidence of a Dinosaur stampede that is thought to have happened 95 million years ago. The footprints were the inspiration behind the stampede scene in the movie ' Jurassic Park'. You can just see our car and caravan in the background of the photo..
I haven't been able to update my site as my old laptop was not working properly. I now have a nice new one !!!!!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Holidays !!!!!

I am going on holidays for 2 weeks. I will have very limited internet service so I may not be able to stay in touch.  We are heading to Tieri today to see my son Jason his wife Teena and the Grands Matthew and Thomas. Tomorrow we go to Bowen to visit my daughter Tina,husband Rob and Grands Kellen,Nathan and Cooper. We will be there for Coopers 3rd Birthday.   We will also be in Bowen for the big fishing competition.  Next week we will be heading to Winton for the big outback festival. That should be great fun. I forgot to mention we have bought a caravan so that should be a lot of fun too.  I will catch up whenever I get a chance. I believe they have a lot of unusual activities at Winton.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Look!!!! My Secret Garden Gifts

Wow!!!!! Lucky me. Look at my gifts I got from Peta , a beautiful pink flower necklace and earings, a journal and address book with butterflies on it, 3 packets of seeds in beautiful gift packets, 2 stones with a butterfly and dragonfly done in sequins for my garden, and a beautiful handmade sampler which will decorate my sewing room. I love it. Check out Peta's Blog  for some great ideas.  Thanks to Teresa from Pretty Dandy  for hosting the swap.                

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Money Cuff

This is a great idea for kids for tuck shop money or a key to the house or even your childs name and address. It wraps around the wrist and is held together by velcro.  I would like to thank Charlotte for finding the Tutorial for the money cuff.  I had a pattern for one made In the Hoop on my embroidery machine but my hoop wasn't big enough.  I made these for my grandsons and they are all different sizes so I will have to wait to see if they fit. You can find the Tutorial  and many other great ideas here.                                 

Friday, 9 September 2011

Secret Garden Swap

The theme for this swap was The Secret Garden and we had to send 5 gifts relating to this. My swap partner was Peta from Perth ( and I sent her a fairy chime, a tweeting bird, some butterflies, a hand towel with flowers embroidered on it, a pretty apron with flowers on it, and a fat quarter with an Australian Flowers theme.  A big thank you to Teresa from pretty dandy who arranged the swap. Please check out her blog

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Spring Swap

These where my gifts to Lisa for the Spring Swap.I am so glad that she liked them.  I found out through her Blog that she collected teapots so I decided to embroider a teapot and Lisa's Kitchen  on a tea towel for her.
So glad that her kids enjoyed some bits too.
Check out Lisa's Blog for some great ideas.                                            

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Raw Edge Applique

I am not real keen on raw edge applique but I wanted to put this design on a Tshirt for  my youngest grandson, Cooper. It is a machine embroidery design and after the design is stitched you have to cut around all the letters.  I guess it is meant to look shaggy. Check out this site for more beautiful deaigns.