Sunday, 9 March 2014

Mystery Blocks......

 This is what I ended up with when I took six 10' blocks and some 1'' black strips to our patchwork day.  The first thing we done was to put the blocks together and  do two cuts ( CUT 1), ending with three lots of six.  Move the top piece from lot A to the bottom and move the top two pieces from lot C to the bottom.  Join A & B with the 1' black strip and join B & C with the 1' black strip. You now have a new block.  Do that to all  six blocks.  Press the six blocks and cut as in  ( CUT 2).    Repeat the above again and  cut again (CUT 3).  Repeat the  above  again.     Trim the blocks.  I ended up with 6 x 8 1/2' blocks.  I joined tmy blocks together with the 1" strip, others used 2'' strips but you can use whatever you like. I made mine from Halloween fabric and made another two lots of blocks.   I am going to make s small quilt for one of the boys. They like the skulls and
gruesome stuff.  Another mystery solved.



  1. Very nice. Gayle.xx

  2. I love the way those black strips make the colours pop. It's a great effect :)


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