Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Holidays !!!!!

I am going on holidays for 2 weeks. I will have very limited internet service so I may not be able to stay in touch.  We are heading to Tieri today to see my son Jason his wife Teena and the Grands Matthew and Thomas. Tomorrow we go to Bowen to visit my daughter Tina,husband Rob and Grands Kellen,Nathan and Cooper. We will be there for Coopers 3rd Birthday.   We will also be in Bowen for the big fishing competition.  Next week we will be heading to Winton for the big outback festival. That should be great fun. I forgot to mention we have bought a caravan so that should be a lot of fun too.  I will catch up whenever I get a chance. I believe they have a lot of unusual activities at Winton.


  1. Thanks for the link to the design . Have a great vacation.

  2. Hope you have fun with the design, please let me know what you make with it.


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