Saturday, 20 August 2011

Cooper's Quilow

This is a quilow I made for Cooper out of what was left over from the quilow I made for Thomas.
I was even able to use some teddy bear fabric for the backing.  Now that made me happy because it was probadly my last chance to use it, as Cooper is 3 now ( he is a big boy).  I like to use fabric out of my stash.
All that was left to do was the binding which I did last night for the FNSI.
This is the quilow folded up into a pillow.  Being a real little boy I am sure that he will love it.


  1. whow Gayle what a lovely quillow,any boy would love this,well done

  2. Cooper did love his quilow. He couldn't understand where the pillow went. Cute !!!
    Thanks for the nice comment.


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