Sunday, 1 October 2017

Jogger Bags......

I love making these bags from Disorderly Threads  Although I thought they would be a bit bigger as I bought the biggest design as I now have the large hoop.    I used the shinny vinyl for the shoe and found it very easy to work with.  I made these bags for my two youngest grandsons Thomas and Cooper.   I keep  thinking I will run out of things to make now the boys are getting older but I always manage to find something.  I am also practicing a bit of Photoshop as well using the Sparkler overlays.

Linked to Finished or Not Friday.


  1. Hi Gayle i love these bags ,a friend at my craft group makes these ones too,well done xx

    1. They always turn out great, glad you like them

  2. Your bags are adorable. Thank you for sharing a link to to the pattern! Yes, as our grandchildren grow, it seems harder and harder to find things to make for them...and they grow so fast, don't they? Thank you for sharing!


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