Sunday, 8 February 2015

Embroidery Machine Cover..........

Finally I have finished putting the hexagons together and now I have a beautiful cover for my Embroidery Machine.  I had no pattern it was just pin .  put on machine and cut till I got the shape that I liked.  I put a frill around the bottom  and an In the Hoop Rose from Bobbins for Applique, just to pretty it up.  I made the leaves freehand on my sewing machine. I had one small piece left so I decided to put it on the back, and it is just big enough to hold the cord.  I had to use every single bit of the hexagons after spending so much time putting them together.


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  1. So much nicer than my just-throw-it-together one. The shape makes it look like there might be a little mini van under there:-)


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