Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Mosaic Workshop........

I decided to do something a bit different last week. I have always wanted to do Mosaics and when the workshop was offered I jumped right in,  We did this welcome sign. It was as piece of board already cut and we had to stick the speciality tiles on first. They were so beautiful.  if you take a close look you will see the little houses, hearts, lady bugs, flowers and many more.  We then had other tiles that we had to cut and glue on.  This was very time consuming but well worth it.  After the tiles had dried we then had to do the grouting,.  Very messy but it was fun.  After the grout had dried we then had to wipe the excess off and we were all amazes at how good all the Welcome Signs looked.   I still need to put some grout sealer on.  I now have to make sure that when I hang my sign it is on show for everyone to see. A very enjoyable workshop.

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