Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A Boy Quilt!!!!

Always looking for something suitable for boys, I decided to use  the mystery blocks that had a Halloween theme for a quilt for my grandson Thomas.  The fabric had ghosts, spiders,  bats and all the things that little boys like. It is just big enough so that he can use it when they are camping, and it won't drag in the dirt. I wanted to use all the fabric so I cut the left over pieces into squares and backed the quilt with that.  I also quilted the blocks with a spiderweb design. I did this freehand and it is certainly a lot harder than it looks.
Not too sure if I will try this again. I need a lots and lots of practice.

                                                  My spider web Quilting.


  1. What a good idea! This quilt is indeed perfect for a boy. And with the purple, it is usable all year round. I like the spider quilting!

  2. What a great boy quilt and the spiderweb quilting is very cool - I love when quilting relates to the subject matter of a quilt. The quilt blocks make me think of fractured spooky halloween windows with spooky things peeking through. Very neat! (Btw, stopping by through Inspired Thursdays)


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