Saturday, 27 February 2016


Gorgeous boy Angels, they are so cute. I am making one for each of my family for Christmas this year. I always run out of time towards Christmas so I am starting now so I will have plenty of time.. I am also embroidering names on each angel.  This is a In the Hoop design from Embroidery Garden.  There is a little tea light candle in each one and I decided to use  blue and they really look beautiful with a blue tinge.  The angels are very quick and easy to make. They would also make a great gift for a new baby. I will be making girl angels for all the girls in the family.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Baby Towel ...........

This towel is for a brand new baby boy,  When I was given the towel to embroider I didn't really like the colour for a baby,  but as I worked on it the colour grew on me.  It was like a silver grey and under the lights it had a bit of a shine to it.  Again  I used the washaway stabilizer for the backing and loved that it left no sticky residue...... Not sure where the design came from, just one that I have had for a very long time.    I am trying to use some of the designs that I have rather than buy more but it is very hard as there are some gorgeous designs out there.
Welcome to the world Connor!!!!!!

50th Birthday !!!!!!!!!

I was asked to do a towel for a friends 50th Birthday.  I can't believe that Julie is 50, Time is certainly flying by us.  We worked together many years ago. This design was perfect for her as she loved the odd drop or two. I used a washaway stabilizer on the back and all you have to do is to spray the stabilizer with water and it disappears without leaving any stick residue.  Love that stuff           HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY JULIE

Friday, 5 February 2016

Pretty Purple Coathangers.....

So gorgeous!!!!!  My first attempt at making these coathangers was a bit disastrous as I painted the coathangers with mod podge and then sprinkled them with purple glitter.  It wasn't very successful as the glitter and the glue dripped off, made a mess and left spaces.    After a few days of thinking about this I thought that if I mixed the glitter with the mod podge and painted it on the coathangers it would be an easier alternative.  It did work and it painted on so evenly  and quickly, a much better idea. With this sort of thing you need to work very quickly as the glue dries very quickly.