Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Snow Ball Fight.........

A brilliant  idea from Embroidery Garden, Lets have a Snow Ball Fight.  The balls are made from white fleece fabric and the cute faces are embroidered and the balls are stuffed with toy filling
Living where I just can't pop down to the shops to get sewing supplies, I found some off cuts of white fleece that I had kept and I managed to get 2 sets of balls.  I was happy to finally find a use for some of my scraps as well as to have a great gift for the grandkids..........


  1. What a time finding these! For some reason the link wouldn't work from bloglovin'. I have that issue at times. I persevered and found them, but I'm confused as to how all this would work. I'd like to understand what I'm getting into before buying the designs. I can't find a place to contact the owner of Embroidery Garden and wondered if you might answer a few questions for me if you are not too busy. Is there a pattern for the actual ball? The site says no sewing pattern is included--not sure how I would know how to make this ball without a pattern. Also, I seems that the design is sewn on a seam in some of the photos. Do you have to sew on a curved piece of fabric? I'll understand if you haven't got the time to answer now. I'm overwhelmed with the holiday sewing I should be doing right now! Maybe after the holidays you could answer, though? Thanks so much. I LOVE this idea.

  2. Hi Gayle what a fun idea,Thankyou for sharing.xx


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