Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Please Get Your EYES Checked!!!!!

Please everyone get your eyes checked. I had been away on holidays and when we came back I couldn't get interested in craft work or sit at the computer for long. I had a slight ache behind my eye but just put it down to eye strain, so I did less and less with my eyes. I went and had my eyes checked and discovered I had acute glaucoma. I never ever thought that I would have glaucoma. I quick trip to the specialist and I was having lazer treatment the next morning for a temporary fix.. He said that I could go blind at any time. Very very scary. I also have cataracts and they will be removed in a month and the glaucoma will also be fixed. At the moment my vision is not 100% but I am so lucky to find it before I went blind. The good news is that after the surgery,all going to plan, I should not have to wear glasses. I am having bifocal lenses put in my eyes. PLEAE GET YOUR EYES CHECKED.


  1. Thanks for the important reminder. So sorry that you have to go through all this, but it sounds as though you are going to have access to some wonderful care with your health issues. That's such a blessing.

  2. Oh how scary! Glad you caught it in time!!

  3. very scary so glad they have caught it in time Gayle,phew.xx

  4. http://allthingspretty-happygirl.blogspot.com/16 October 2013 at 18:12

    I too was checked last year and found had glaucoma in both of my eyes. I had laser in one eye but I am on daily medication(eye drops) for the rest of my life.


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