Friday, 21 June 2013

Rag Alphabet !!!!!

I made this Rag Alphabet for Cooper.  I did one set of capital and small letters and one set of numbers .  I made extra of the small letters such as the a, e, n, o, l so that he could spell his name and also his brothers names.
I printed out the letters and numbers  and roughly cut around them and placed the letters on fabric with felt on the bottom.  I stitched around the letters on the line using a very small stitch (1.5), making it easy to pull the paper off the fabric, With a bigger stitch I stitched around the shape of the letter and used pinking shears to cut around the edge of the letters.  What a great way to use up all those odd bits and pieces of fabric, cotton and bobbin thread.  


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  1. These are great. I wonder where you found the letters to print out.


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