Saturday, 30 March 2013

Bunting for the Boys !!!!!

Thinking of things to make for my Grandsons is not easy.  I decided to make some Bunting for them.  Since the footy season is about to start, I thought footy colours would be a great choice.   I made these In the Hoop and bought the  design from The Mad Woman of Locke Street.  I bought the Christmas Bunting and took the blank one and embroidered the letter that I wanted on it.  I have a program called PE Design Lite which allows me to do this on the computer.  I am making Christmas Bunting for gifts for  Christmas but got side tracked.  I will get them finished by Christmas I hope.


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  1. Hi Gayle.. I love what you have done. I have PE light... and I have to confess I have not used it... for me it seems rather daunting..LOL yes.. how do I do it!! I have a brother Innovis..that is not used to its full potential


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