Sunday, 11 March 2012

Steering Wheel Cover!!!!

                                                                     Back View
I have been meaning to make a steering wheel cover for ages, so I finally did (now that summer is nearly over.)  It is just a circle of prequilted  fabric, I made mine 17 inches accross. I embroidered  the cat design on the front.  Added a backing fabric.  On the back I put these other pieces of fabric ( these pieces hold the cover onto the steering wheel.)  I made mine at the longest point 61/2 inches. I then put binding all the way around joining the pieces together.  The heat here in Queensland makes the steering wheel untouchable atfer the car has been left in the sun.  I got this idea from one of the ladies on Cute Embroidery, Thank you for the great idea.


  1. Gayle what a great looks fantastic...

  2. what a great idea Gayle.xx

  3. What a great idea! Our cars turn into furnaces during the summer, so I carry a big towel to throw over my seat and steering wheel during the hot months.


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