Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Great Clermont Flood 1916

I have just discovered that my Great Grandmother Elizabeth (O'Keefe) Robbins and her 2 daughters Winnefred 11years and Mona 9 years were drowned in the Great Clermont Flood on 28th December 1916. The photo of the tree trunk above is the memorial to the 65 people who died and for all the lives saved by people hanging onto the trees.  The mark on the tree is how high the water rose and this is the corner of the main street. After the flood the town of Clermont was shifted to higher ground.  I believe there is a lot of information in the museum but it was closed for refurbishment when I was there,  I was told that it took 3 months to move one of the hotels and it never lost one day of trading. Guests stayed there  overnight and all the meals where provided.  I would love to hear from anyone with information  on Elizabeth (O'Keefe, O'Keeffe) Robbins (Robins), her parents where Johanna Fair Purdie and Richard Parsons,   husband William Robbins  ans son William Patrick Robins who married Emily Jessie Parsons at Clermont on 30th May 1922.   I think that Elizabeth's family may have come from Ireland.   Please ask about your family members before it is too late !!!!!!


  1. gee Gayle its so hard to imagine the water level that high and how sad that so many lost their lives and that you lost family members as well.xx

  2. wow the water rose that high..Sad people lost their lives and you lost family..

    I know what you mean Gayle I just lost my Nana on my Dads side on the weekend. sadly i wasent allowed to have anything to do with my dads side of the family when i was a i know nothing about them well not much and its really hard..Hope you find the information your after.


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