Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Cushions for Bella !!!

My sister was delighted when her son presened her with a beautiful grandaughter Bella 2 years ago. They live in different states in Australia so she doesn't get to visit as much as she would like. Last christmas she went out and bought a lot of pretty dresses with net underlays and all the things she thought that a little girl woud like. My sister was very dissapointed to find out that Bella will only wear shorts with horses on them!!!!!. I found this cushion panel in my stash so I make two cushions for Bella. I had the blue check and a couple of zips. I am happy again to be able to make something and not have to buy anything. I am sure Bella will love the cushions.
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  1. how funny ,toddlers now a days know exactly what they want to wear,and wont wear anything else.Lovely cushions Gayle.xx

  2. My daughter would love these! She is all about horses since she got hers for Christmas.


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