Friday, 6 January 2012

Birthday Present!!!!!!

I belong to an embroidery group Cute Embroidery and one cutie secretly sends a birthday gift to another Cutie. All I know is that my parcel was sent from New Zealand.   I received a beautiful hand towel and dish towel embroidered with dragonflies.  The photo doesn't show the shine on the wings, which was done with mylar. I love dragonflies and  as I haven't tried embroidering with mylar yet, it is now on my to do list.  My birthday is between Christmas and New Year, not the best time for a birthday, but I did receive some beautiful gifts.


  1. whow Gayle,a beautiful parcel you have received,those dragon flys are so cute,lucky you.xx

  2. Happy belated birthday...gorgeous gift...

  3. Just beautiful. Happy birthday as well....


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