Sunday, 6 November 2011

LOOK !!!!!! What I Won.

I just received an email from Jenny saying that I had won this beautiful fishie pouch and journal.  I am so excited, this is my first win. Thank you to Jenny for this great giveaway.  Visit her site to see her gorgeous work.


  1. awesome! congrats, what a cool prize to win. I love those fish!

  2. well done Gayle,pretty set.

  3. woohoo yay for Gayle! Jenny is amazing artist you are going to love it.what a amazing prize to win.I want to buy a few things from her store for christmas for me of course hahaha.
    Hugs Gayle Enjoy your prize.

  4. I haven't checked out her store yet,but I will. I am looking foward to getting my prize.

  5. Hi Gayle, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting on the brick hangers. I wanted to come by here to let you know your comments are set to "no reply", which means there isn't an email address attached to it and no one can reply back to you. If you'd ever like to change that feature. I have a "No Reply" tutorial on my right side. It's a quick step to change in your profile.
    Thanks again,

  6. Thank you for letting me know. I hope it is all ok now.


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