Sunday, 11 November 2012

Baby Singlets!!!!!

I was asked to embroider some baby singlets for a friend.   I needed  a very small design.  So after going through my designs on the computer and coming up empty, I remembered the Brother Card I had with small designs.  I haven't used these cards in such a long time, so now I am going to pull out all the brother cards and use them.  The designs were made for the Brother machine and they stitch perfectly.  I used the smallest  hoop and hooped the tearaway and sprayed the tearaway with embroidery spray and then placed the singlet on the sprayed tearaway.  I smoothed the singlet out stretching it slightly ( because when the baby has the singlet on the singlet stretches). I used some pins to make sure the singlet didn't move.  I placed some water soluble topping on top of the singlet and did the embroidery.  I was very happy with the result.


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