Saturday, 17 March 2012

What I did for FNSI !!

This is the inside of the top where the ribbon is tied to the bangle.
I made these cute Towel Hangers last night for FNSI.  They will be gifts for family and friends. Before I cut the top out I ironed a light pellon on the back of the fabric. This will give it a bit of shape.  The shoulders are to the fold.  Add any emblishement before you stitch it together,  I used a 21 inch piece of ribbon for the loop and tie,  fold it in half and place it so that the hanging loop will be on the outside and the end pieces of ribbon will be on the inside.  I just used a bangle from the dollar store and tied it on under the top, that way it can be removed for washing.  Put a pretty towel through the bangle and it all done.


  1. well done Gayle.xx

  2. Fantastic idea,very pretty :) Barb.

  3. Wonderful idea Gayle - putting this in my bucket list.


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